Monday, April 11, 2011

First Listen: Man Mantis "Cities Without Houses"

I'm gearing up for what I imagine will be a stressful 72 hours.

So, when I hit play on the newest project from the faceless Wisconsin producer Man Mantis, it set me at ease and took my mind off of that fast approaching 72 hours of traveling, waiting and dealing with this and that back home. Man Mantis is no stranger to the blog, having been posted on the site a few times with either individual projects or collabs with other folks. The dude is extremely talented and I dig his work. His latest, Cities Without Houses is a very chill project. Among my favorite cuts, "Minor Aches and Pains", "Everything Is Fine" and "Be Just This"."Teacups of Our Ashes" is definitely my favorite on the project.

Definitely a fresh project. Enjoy.

A little bit about the project from Man Mantis:

"Monday, March 11th saw the release of Cities Without Houses, the first solo LP from masked Madison, WI producer Man Mantis.  Released on World Around Records, Cities Without Houses is the follow up to Mantis’ well-regarded Sea Ambulance EP, and is filled with the same kind of druggy, highly orchestrated sonic landscapes that made Sea Ambulance so intriguing.  Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Man Mantis during late 2009 and throughout 2010, Cities Without Houses is now available as a “pay what you like” download through Man Mantis’.  In addition, he has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to get a limited run of vinyl LPs and cassette tapes of “Cities Without Houses” manufactured."

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  1. Darla3:16 AM

    This is my first time to listen to Man Mantis and I am blown away. I like its beat. It reminds me of the new homes I've seen around our block.