Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BLAX and The Mad Bloggers Presents: Adebisi "Blaxploitation"

The full project is finally here. I know somewhere Adebisi is relieved to finally have this project out, considering it's been in the works for sometime now.

I've told this story a few times about how I stumbled into Adebisi's music. I don't recall the exact moment, because it was either his 80's Babies mixtape or being the front man of Fresh Cut Collective, but either way I do remember the first reaction being, "dude is dope."

A few months back Adebisi reached out to us about getting behind his latest mixtape, Blaxploitation. I didn't hesitate to agree. This project is very much a mixtape in it's traditional sense of borrowed beats, with a few originals. It's a quality offering from the Wisconsin native who is now living in NYC. It's a great re-introduction as Adebisi preps for a full length album (which is mostly done) and another project after that. I'm not sure when he's gonna sleep. Ha!

Anyway, check out and enjoy the BLAX and TMB presented Blaxploitation. Chea!

Download: Blaxploitation

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