Thursday, April 21, 2011

Interview: x Method Man, Classified and Kidz In The Hall

From talking about inspirational quotes, the upcoming album The Crystal Meth, and why he doesn’t want to been seen as a pothead. I was really excited to sit down with Method Man, right after his exhilarating performance.

It’s a beautiful thing when Classified is your hype man and repeating the slogan, “This is The Come Up Show. Where That Feel Good Music Lives. Real Recognize Real.” This must be interview number 35092148932 and this time around Class breaks down why he chose the title Handshakes and Middle Fingers for his album. The struggle to smoke up or not, how his wife introduced him to Mary Jane and why he thought he was a one hit wonder. As always we got some superb live footage of That Ain’t Classy show at the London Music Hall.

It’s safe to say Kidz In The Hall LOVE Canada and why wouldn’t they? They opened up for Classified all across Canada for That Ain’t Classy Tour. In our interview they tell me about our Canadian women, new reality show, and a big change in how people perceive them musically. Birthday boy Mic Boyd makes an appearance to brag about their paintball competition win against Classified team.

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