Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Download ... Fameless Fam x Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys x UnderGroundHiphop x Benz and a Backpack present - "Eat Fly"

Got this in the email a little while back and finally got some time to hit the play button. These guys from Boston are putting in work and they want to show their appreciation for those supporting with this free album. It's not your usual Hip-Hop. Definitely rides in different lanes musically on this album. Check out a couple of tracks I uploaded at the bottom of this post and definitely download this and give us your thoughts.

"The first official compilation from Boston's busiest and most notable modern hip-hop collective."


1. EitherOar – Virtue
2. 1DOSAGE – partyboobytrap
3. Blue Lips – Time Crisis
4. Hard Luck – Juan Deuce x Falside
5. Bug Zapper – Virtue x George Watsky
7. Running from Giants – Time Crisis
8. Been Since – Virtue
9. Kudos – EJ3 Robot
10. Keep it Animated – Dj Benny x partybooobytrap x George Watsky
11. Hey Dj – Juan Deuce x Falside
12. Now What? – partyboobytrap
13. Corny Club Track [Very Important People] – Dj Benny
14. Blizzard – EJ3 Robot
15. Negative Space – partyboobytrap
16. Give up the Ghost – Time Crisis

Download: Fameless Fam - Eat Fly


Check out a few tracks I'm digging off the free compilation.

Blue Lips – Time Crisis

Hard Luck – Juan Deuce x Falside

Hey Dj – Juan Deuce x Falside

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