Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What I'm Watching: Azuré "As The Globe Spins"

I've seen this video floating around tumblr, and I'm pretty sure I've reblogged it. I can't quite remember, considering the amount of times I hit reblog in a 24 hour period. Ha! Anyway, I thought the Azuré joint was dope. In the opening credits I peeped the production came from Wallsauce. It didn't dawn on me until about 20 minutes ago when I received an email from the homie Sauce Fonda, that I suddenly remembered that Sauce use to go by Wallsauce. A slightly older beat dished out in 08-09, it still delivers that Sauce Fonda trademarked soulful sound. I think folks sleep on the West Coast scene unless you're on the West Coast. I don't know why. They've got heat and if this track isn't proof enough, peep Azuré full project Illusions of Oasis. Enjoy.

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