Thursday, July 08, 2010

Check It ... @TheoMartins "20 Thousand Leagues | The Feather"

Theo Martins is a cool dude. His music is dope. Check the new track!
The year is 1931. Persistent rumors of a tentacled sea monster attacking ships in the Pacific Ocean have created fear amongst sailors, disrupting the shipping lanes and slowing trade. Captain Theo Martins and his assistant board their vessel and make their way to the deep blue sea to find out what is really going on.

After months scouring the vast ocean, the monster strikes, ramming the naval frigate. The ship’s hull is destroyed and Captain Theo is thrown overboard. He drifts in the ocean, eventually finding a strange-looking metal vessel, and realizes the “monster” is a man-made “submerging boat,” that has been deserted.

Blown far off course, Theo enters uncharted territory. In this new land there’s a great cave, and inside it lies “The Feather,” a treasure guarded by a great nest of giant squid for the last two centuries. If used improperly “The Feather” could harm millions.

As he nears the cave, a squid attacks, and he’s caught in its tentacles. Ned, having escaped from captivity in the struggle, jumps to Theo’s rescue and saves his captor’s life. Theo takes hold of “The Feather” and intends to share his gem of the sea with the world.

<a href="">20 Thousand Leagues (The Feather) by TheoMartins</a>

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