Thursday, July 08, 2010

Download ... Premonition "the build."

So, this project is dope. It's been in my inbox since June 22. That's my bad. Sometimes I wish I just had more time to check out dope music.

Anyway ... "The Build" from Premonition, with Willie Green as the executive producer is a solid listen from beginning to end. At 12 tracks this joint is perfect! One of my favorite cuts is "Wait" (approaching that age when I start to self reflect...)

And really that's what this project is about, as Prem explains in his press release, “It represents the progression of a young artist. The Build is a metaphor for the struggle of the artistic process, taking the good with the bad, which comes together to give you progress.”

With production from Willie Green, KO Beatz, Spills and Premonition, "The Build" is definitely worth the listen. Check it out!

<a href="">intro (foundation) feat dj addikt by Premonition</a>

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