Thursday, March 31, 2011

All Of The Lights (Fan Video) via @imjustdave

My homegirl Jade put me on to this video yesterday. I posted it over on my tumblr page and definitely felt the need to share it here too. You gotta love creative folks and that's exactly what you get with this fan made video for Kanye West's "All Of the Lights." Don't knock it until you watch it. Don't worry, no seizure (or seizure salads, lol) will occur from watching this video. Allegedly, of course. Ha! Enjoy.
“For those who know me, they know I am a fan of Kanye West. This started as a little fun after a show in LI, NY and turned it to a full on idea. This was made with $0. Just a camera, final cut, and some good friends. Hope you enjoy!” -@imjustdave

Video directed by David J. Hamilton and Potential. Filmed and edited by Potential.
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