Thursday, March 31, 2011

JC Poppe & Pezzettino - "Princess Palace"

With an election day looming and much of the frustration of Wisconsin voters being tuned out, native Wisconsinites JC Poppe, Pezzettino, Allen Cote, and Benjamin Schaefer teamed up to vent their anger with Governor Scott Walker and the current attitude Wisconsin Republicans are taking against unions...and issue that affects teachers, schools, health care, etc.

The song called "Princess Palace" sums up how so many people in Wisconsin feel while dealing with the strong-arming of their beliefs. The video was done by Pezzettino and is a great artistic telling of the feelings of so many Wisconsin workers that aren't being listened to.

The creative lo-fi track is a sincere attempt at continuing the passionate string of protest tracks coming from Wisconsin artists because the protesting and disapproval of the strong-arming of constituents can't slow down and can't stop!

(via @jcpoppe)

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