Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What EMS Is Listening To ... Noel Gourdin - "Beautiful"

I'm so terrible at keeping up with certain artists, or rather, doing my research when I have the "wait a minute, who is that guy?" moment. When I typed in his name to find a picture, "The River" came up and I'm thinking to myself, that song title sounds extremely familiar! And lo and behold, I've heard Noel's music before. Does he have an incredible voice? Yes. You guys know I hate cookie-cutter acts and I'm extra excited when I find the complete opposite of that.

"Beautiful" (another joint OC put me on to) is a song I can definitely appreciate for the women AND men. Let's be real. How many times to do we let a man get away with calling us names? I'm sure plenty. I can have a lot of respect for a song that brings that issue to the forefront. And we, as women, have to hold higher standards for ourselves. A man can't do anything we don't allow them to. The same goes for men. We sometimes call you guys out of your names too. Don't tolerate some crap that's utterly disrespectful. Point blank.

*steps down off soap box* Ha!

Noel Gourdin has that warm, soulful voice that you could listen to all day, even if he's singing the phone book. Suffice it to say, I'll be catching up on stuff this dude has put out so I can keep with the times.

But for now, enjoy "The River" (it'll jog your memory just in case) and another, "Beautiful" off 2008 album After My Time. Enjoy.

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