Sunday, March 27, 2011

What EMS Is Listening To ... The Weeknd

Sex, drugs and R&B?

So fellow blogger-colleague, Q aka ThroatChopU, turned me on to The Weeknd. I had no idea who it/they was/were and apparently there has been an insane amount of buzz going on about this artist all over the internet. I have to admit, I hadn't a clue what to expect and even when I turned on the record, I wasn't sure about it then. But after I listened to it all the way through a couple of times, I started falling in love. I'm one of those folks who, while loving and embracing all kinds of music, have certain genres that need a few listens before having the ability to digest and understand it. With all that being said, I LOVE THE WEEKND!

"Let me see you dance / I love to watch you dance / take you down another level / get you dancing with the devil / take a shot of this / but I'm wanting you / I'm on that shit that you can't smell baby / so put down your perfume / bring your love, baby, I can bring my shame / bring the drugs, baby, I can bring my pain / oh, I got my heart right here /oh, I got my scars right here / bring the cups, baby, I can bring the dranks / bring your body, baby, I can bring you fame / and that's my muhf*ckin' words too / ay, so let me muhf*ckin' love you..." - The Weeknd (verse two of Wicked Games)

The Weeknd is an up and coming artist that showcases the fusion of Electro/Pop and R&B and their mixed tape is extraordinarily raw. Although riddled with profanity from top to bottom, you can get past all of it just by listening to the incredible instrumentation of each song. Something I love about Electro/Pop and R&B is the marked uniqueness the genre possesses. I've always thought that combining different elements of base genres provide us a way to create fresh new sounds. With their debut entitled House of Balloons, The Weeknd has given us a glimpse of just that.

"So, tell me you love me / only for tonight / only for tonight (even though you don't love me) / just tell me you love me / I'll give you what I need / I'll give you what I need (even though you don't love me) oh, oh..." - The Weeknd (chorus of Wicked Games)

A particular favorite off of House of Balloons is the track "Wicked Games," which I can honestly say is 5 minutes and 25 seconds well-spent every time I listen to it. With this song, you can let your imagination run wild. You can hear the synthesizers, the dope drums and those beautiful guitars. "Wicked Games" is slow, methodical and let's the listener experience the song. If they elect to do any videos for this album, I'd prefer this be the first or second cut.

The Weeknd isn't going to be for everybody. I think you'll either hate or love it, but at the very least, give it a listen. It may surprise you. You'll be able to download the 9-track mix tape from their website and catch a listen here. Enjoy peoples and have a wonderful Saturday night.

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