Thursday, March 10, 2011

Download ... recess "recess ep"

There's really not much better than the sound of a live band rocking beats with a fresh front man killing it. That's what you get on the self titled ep from recess (sene + the clubhouse).

The nine track ep is filled with some really fresh cuts, that plays off of a bit of alternative rock, jazz and Hip-Hop. With features from Blu, Fresh Daily, Donwill (of Tanya Morgan) and Nicholas Ryan Grant, recess delivers enough sound for an LP. But what recess does with their ep, just over 30 minutes, is get you ready for more music from the crew. And now you want more.

"au revoir", "love in the streets of bklyn", "emperor strikes back" and "the gentleman" are among my favorite cuts. This is a very enjoyable project. I dig it. I hope you enjoy it too. Chea!

Download: recess ep

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