Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jinesis "Alright"

Jinesis is a good dude. And he's a talented producer. He's been featured on the blog a few times (now twice today).

It seems as though Jinesis and I keep similar music hours. There have been countless times that I'll be sorting through my gmail late in the evening and Jinesis will hit me up with a "what's up." Often times the convos aren't even about his music. We'll talk other projects, sports and other random things.

When you know someone outside of their music, you have more of a connection to it I think. Sure there's a lot of music I enjoy that I don't have that personal connection to the artists. But the ones I do have that personal connect with I definitely want to see win. Jinesis is one of those people.

Anyway, I was talking with Jinesis earlier about something else when he hit me with this track. It's the first time I heard it in it's complete form. I heard a sampling of this track a few weeks back and thought it was dope. Yeah, it's still dope.

Jinesis writes of the track, "I sampled Skylar Grey's original demo of Love the Way You Lie.
Making her dulcet tones syrup-y and adding a crisp snare and stuttering kick drum for an interesting mood instrumental."

I've played this joint countless times since he sent it to me just over an hour ago. Jinesis is a dope producer. Folks, take notice. By the way, where's the homie e.d.g.e. at to rhyme over this track? Ha! Enjoy "Alright". Chea!


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