Thursday, March 17, 2011

@TheRealEternia & MoSS "TO THE FUTURE"

I've been a fan of Eternia's work for sometime now and I respect what her latest single, "To The Future" stands for.

Last year in an interview with Eternia after the release of her recent project with MoSS, At Last, I asked her what track spoke to who she was an a person. "To the Future obviously," she said. "Still hurts when I hear it."

And as a listener, it hurts to hear too.

But Eternia bravely explores the skeletons of her past, which includes sexual assault, domestic abuse, gun violence and even abortion. It was an important story for her to tell. Eternia says that she has always been a life emcee and most of the content of her music comes from those real life experiences.

In the Erica Shallow directed video, the hope is that Eternia's words can impact young people going through the same experiences.

"Every 90 seconds in America someone is sexually assaulted. Eternia and MoSS know that many young people face the same issues that Eternia did as a teenager and young adult, and so they have partnered with Canada’s leading youth counseling service, Kids Help Phone, to bring the message of hope and help along with Eternia’s personal story."

Listen. "To The Future". It's one of those important tracks.

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  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    I've loved this woman ever since the day I first found out about her music. Just REAL MUSIC, none of that nonsense that has become so popular today. This is the music that more people should be paying attention to but all I know is I pay attention. I purchased the album and I have to say one of the best albums I've ever bought. ET all day, Moss...shoutout to Toronto, it's an amazing place w/ amazing talent. E is the truth, hope she reads this...I think she is so dope! I love you girl! lol