Friday, March 25, 2011

Check It ... "Behind The Unsigned"

You ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of up and coming artists? What their current path is like? The struggles they have to conquer to get to where they want to be? Well, here's a project titled "Behind The Unsigned" being put together by O.Williams and his motivated camp that's going to take you on that journey with videos and stories of these unsigned artists. I've recently got to chat with the folks there and delved deeper into the workings of BTU. Here at The Mad Bloggers, we're all about showing love to dope cats in the music field whether signed or unsigned. BTU is playing their part by showing love to the latter of the two. Get to know more about "Behind The Unsigned" by clicking 'Read more' and make sure you check out the videos at the end. Inspiring moves.

What's "Behind The Unsigned" about?

Behind the Unsigned takes the struggles of any person looking to obtain a career that takes more that a degree to walk in the door. Careers that take a natural talent, determination, and today, a business savvy to even see the door at the end of the hall, never mind getting you foot in it! BTU films these struggles in a documentary/behind the scenes format so that people and fans can get a clear understanding of how hard these jobs are to chase after and music is one of the most unattainable jobs from the ground up!

What made you start it up?

A close friend of mine has been in music for years and had struggles in his life, but all the while had a talent and gift that was undeniable and so much determination that is unreal. If he was in a Fortune 500 company in the mail room, by now he would have been CEO for how hard he was going in with music. He had his hard times and was incarcerated during the midst of his buzz arriving at a new level, a hit to his career he could not afford. He asked for my help to work with his team and keep the music and his buzz going while he was away. I agreed and thought that this was such a crazy story, how could a person not be interested. We began to film him as he was making his latest mixtape right up until he went in. BTU started from that and continued because it was a tool that unsigned artists could use to tell their story in music and why they chase it.

Who's involved in BTU?

I'm blessed to have a crew that I work with in order to make these visions come to life. Stevie Glass of ANUDAY media is my director, Brian "Blanco" Vasquez right hand camera man, Pause AKA MANUP456 is the Graphic Designer for BTU (I don't make visual moves without him), Firzt Born Producer extraordinaire assists with the sound design surrounding BTU, and Man-u-ill is in charge of public relations talent which recognizes talent. Who better to assist me in making decisions surrounding the artists in unsigned hip hop?

How does it help artists?

It gives artists another avenue to reach their current fan base with on a different level. Also, they'll meet new fans based on the fact that artists from other areas in the tri-state will also bring a new fan base that may have never heard of one of the artists currently on BTU. In short, I am trying to build a hub for the unsigned population to get their story out and potentially gain some new fans. I have not met one person that likes only one artist's music. Normally, they have a couple on the mix tape they are listening to.

What are you hoping "Behind The Unsigned" accomplishes?

I am looking for BTU to provide artists with a place to tell the story behind the music that they make. If you could imagine Jay-Z in Marcy before the deal, struggling to get in the door, you would see a completely different person. Maybe more or less hungry but just different. And to tell the story in the midst of that struggle is something I don't think has been done. VH1's Behind the music takes a look back but those emotions could never be the same from looking back on what you did to just realizing exactly what it is your doing!

What, so far, have you done with BTU?

Currently I am releasing short trailers on people that I am filming, which include Man-u-ill ( Unsigned Artist), Firzt Born (Unsigned Producer) and June Archer (Unsigned Mogul). Junes' story is one that you would not expect to see but it shows the business side struggle of the entertainment industry which a lot of people don't realize. That's all I can really say stay tuned into BTU on YouTube and Facebook to sign up for the release of these documentaries.

What do artists need to do to be a part of BTU?

Contact me through my YouTube pages, send me some music and a quick idea of the story you are trying to tell but please keep in mind that this is for entertainment in total: producers, DJs, artists, etc. I really don't want anyone to feel excluded if your story is one that needs to be told. Let BTU be its author!

Where can people get more info?

They can feel free to subscribe to my YouTube page and inbox me from there with their information . They can also hit me on my Facebook and at web site coming soon.

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