Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I'm Watching (3/31/11): OnCue, MeLo-X, The Jealous Guys, Luke Christopher and David Dallas

Over the last few days a gang of fresh videos from the likes of OnCue, MeLo-X, The Jealous Guys, Luke Christopher and David Dallas have hit my inbox and the Internets! Five fresh videos for some pretty damn dope tracks. Enjoy them all after the jump. Chea!

I talked about the homie OnCue's video over on my tumblr page yesterday. I've been a fan of Cuey for a while now. I won't rehash the story because if you follow the blog, you know about how long I've been a fan of his music. Anyway, he's back with the visuals for the CJ Luzi produced jawn that he lets loose on. He has a new project, Can’t Wait, dropping this Spring. I’m looking forward to it. In the meantime, enjoy the vid.

MeLo-X is a pretty dope cat. I definitely dig the uniqueness in his music and his style. The description for the video reads, "From gritty Brooklyn blocks to the streets of Paris the God MeLo-X makes his presence known with a video for the title track off of his latest piece of work More Merch." And he does make his presence known with this dope video. Get familiar with MeLo-X. Enjoy.

I caught The Jealous Guys video over at The San Francisco duo deliver a pretty fresh video off of their THE LOVE MIXTAPE. This track has me curious to hear more, so while I'm posting this piece I'm downloading their project. Chea!

"Today gonna be crazy, I should tweet about it ..." I spotted this joint from the 17-year-old Luke Christopher over at I was immediately pulled in by the beat and I was sold by the time Luke Christopher started to rhyme. I dig what he does on the witty "The Social Network" track. Very simple video but fresh nonetheless. He's another cat I wanna hear more music from. Enjoy the vid.

It was O that originally put me on to David Dallas. His track featuring Freddie Gibbs had shown up in an email and O posted it up on the blog. The track was later featured on an episode of The Mad Bloggers Show too. The New Zealand emcee who recently moved to the states and partnered up with Duck Down Music (P&D and marketing deal) is working on his new project, The Rose Tint due out late April. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

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