Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check It ... Half Past Never Band - Letters feat. Jon?Doe

Letters featuring Jon?Doe isn't a track I normally bump into and I definitely like when I do. It's different, more so production-wise and lyrically, he does a great job telling his story. Overall, it's a good track.

This track from Half Past Never Band is off the album "Cubicle Coma" which will be released in Spring 2011 by Skillstreet Entertainment.

Half Past Never Band - Letters feat. Jon?Doe by Halfpastneverband

Half Past Never Band is a Finnish band from Helsinki, Finland, whose music is a combination of organic sounds, black rhythms, Balkan flavors and eastern atmospheres. All in all, trying to define Half Past Never Band´s music precisely is not easy, but music draws influences from several genres including jazz, hiphop, funk, soul, afro and eastern rhythms. During the years, Half Past Never Band has grown from a one-man project to a band, which combines grooving playing and versatile vocalists.

Cubicle Coma is the second full length Half Past Never Band´s album and it is even more organic and rough than the debut album. As in the first album, Cubicle Coma includes both songs with vocalists and fully instrumental songs. Co-operation has been made with several musicians from all over the world including Zilla Rocca from Philadelphia, US, Sankofa, who has made co-operation with Cunninlynguists among others and Finland´s finest soul voice, Emilia Sisko.
All in all, Cubicle Coma is a weird mixture of funky, hiphop, jazzy and gypsy style music combined with various style of lyricists.

Half Past Never Band:
Aleksi Mäkinen: Bass
Timo Korander: Keys
Heikki Räisänen: Guitar
Aleksi Kortesoja: Drums+percussions
Lari Ruotsalainen: Guitar

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