Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check It ... Adebisi "Bloody Murder" (off the Blaxploitation Mixtape)

I always forget when I first heard Adebisi rhyme. It was either his 80's Babies mixtape or his work as the front man of Fresh Cut Collective. While I can't pin down the exact time or project, what I do remember is his distinct voice and flow. And then there's the lyrical word play from the Wisconsin native who is now living in NYC. I've been a fan of Adebisi's sound ever since.

When Adebisi approached me a few months back about getting behind his Blaxploitation mixtape I didn't hesitate because I know the quality of Adebisi's work. So, with that said, check out the first joint off of BLAX and TMB presented Blaxploitation. "Bloody Murder", produced by DJ Charlie Hustle, is a dope track that shows you the type of energy (and quality) that's on the Blaxploitation mixtape. Look out for Blaxploitation coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy "Bloody Murder." Chea!

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  1. I've know Adebisi for a while, and his CD has been in my player for 10 years now - no joke! I love his style,