Friday, March 18, 2011

Uncommon Presents the "Pop Up Album" for Japan Relief!

Editor's Note: I caught this via email this morning from the good folks over at Uncommon Records. Shouts to them for putting this project together to lend support for the ongoing tragedy in Japan.

Uncommon Records humbly presents the first of our new "Pop Up Albums". This first one, in particular, is extremely important to us. All proceeds from this release will go toward relief funding for a Japanese Charity called "Second Harvest". They run soup kitchens and food pantries in Japan and are now assisting with disaster relief as well. Information on the charity and further donations can be made at this web address.

"The Sun Never Sets" as we said, is one of our new "Pop Up Albums", and just like a Pop Up Restaurant or Pop Up Record store, it will only be around for a limited time. In this case, we will make this available for 30 Days (3/18-4/18). ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE MONEY RAISED FROM SALES OF THIS ALBUM WILL BE DONATED FOR JAPAN RELIEF. We hope to make an announcement on the total, large or small, one month from now. We hope it's as large as possible.

We would all like to help, but let's face it, individually, we all can't make substantial donations. We hope that this helps bring people together to do something great. The album will be offered as a "Name Your Price" album, the minimum price is just $5. We encourage you to donate more, but even $5 will go a very long way. Plus, you get lots of great music in return. Again, 100% of donations, no matter how much you give will go to Japan relief at Second Harvest.

Briefly, what are you getting? We put together a collection of Asian inspired and/or hopeful songs that hopefully help us all focus on the realities in Japan and even in other places around the world. There are previously un-released tracks from Short Fuze & Nasa, Acid Reign and Atari Blitzkrieg along with other tracks from our back catalog that you may not already own yet.

In the future we'll do some more light hearted Pop Up Albums, but for right now thanks for all your help with this & enjoy the music.  LET'S DO SOMETHING GREAT TODAY!

Special Thanks to Michael Gerchak for the Cover Art. He can be found at

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