Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse "Love is a Losing Game" (Acoustic Version)

Damn, Amy Winehouse, dead at 27. 

It's odd that I was just talking about her a few days ago. I found myself listening to a gang of her music randomly and out of the blue. I wondered as I listened to her soultry voice, what if she had gone to rehab instead of saying no, making a hit song about it and winning many awards because of it. I guess we'll never know. It's almost like her career was a bird that started to fly but just didn't get enough air under those wings. In a stalemate the last few years, a lot can be said about her life and death. But I won't linger there. I won't speculate. I won't blame or point fingers. What I'll do is sit back and enjoy the music she made, and allow it to continue to speak for her like it always has. Rest in Power Amy Winehouse.

Back to black ...

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  1. Beautiful song choice! love it. RIP Amy.