Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Top $ Raz "Slip" (Produced by Badd Lukk)

"I'm from the Rock mothafucka we don't quit!"

I've been sitting on this track for a little while now and earlier today Far Rockaway's own Top $ Raz unleashed it on the Internets. Fuck release dates right? Just drop bombs and then turn that bomb off and then drop it again. Ha! Off the upcoming EP with producer Badd Lukk, Reign on the Parade, Top $ delivers more of that hunger through his rhyme that he's known for. Solid track. Hit play and enjoy. Chea!
"Top $ Raz and Badd Lukk have known each other for over eight years, and have been doing tracks together for seven of those years. Now at age 23, they have come together again across a Far Rock diaspora, Badd Lukk now resides in North Carolina, to bring the whole cycle full circle with a five track EP."

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