Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vandalyzm "The Proposal"

"...Vandalyzm's back, and he's making an honest women out of "her". But will her "son" get in the way of his goal of commitment? Listen and find out...

Indeed Vandalyzm is back with one of those pop up projects. Man, fuck scheduled and promoted release dates. All we need is 15 minutes and a hook. Ha!

Yesterday, he served up the video and track for "April's Fool" with the announcement that The Proposal was dropping today. And just 24 hours later, here we are. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Vandalyzm, that's what we call a negro that multi-tasks like a mofo. Ha! The Proposal is a solid project, from the high energy of "Chillin'" to the soul driven and self-reflective "The Real", right down to the celebatory tone of "We Made It" with the smooth vocals of Theresa Payne. And you get all this for $1. Support good music and spend a little, literally. Enjoy. Chea!

"And if you like it PLEASE TELL YOUR FOLKS. Good music only spreads when folks let other folks in on it. Oh yeah, this is just the ep...we still got "Vandalyzm Is The Stepfather" in the fall."


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