Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey "Volume"

Apollo Brown x Hassaan Mackey tho? Shiiiit. Their new project Daily Bread is available over at iTunes and available for pre-order on CD here and on vinyl here. But today, you can get their first single for free.99. And damn, this track is crazy.
Hassaan Mackey on "Volume":
“Yo man, that was the first beat Apollo played when I walked in his crib in Detroit…  this was the first song I wrote to when I got there, and we knew it was the lead joint.  It was dumb early in the morning, I had just gotten off the train from New York. Apollo had picked me up and I started writing it at Apollo's crib and finished it in the studio that night, recorded it, and it was in the pocket.  We knew that was the opener!”
Hit play. Enjoy. Then go get your Daily Bread. Chea!

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