Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Watching: Theophilus London "Girls Girls $"

At first I thought I was watching The Jetsons and I had tuned in right as an older Elroy Jetson was getting chased by the law. Ha! The Theophilus London video for "Girls Girls $" off us his upcoming major label debut, Timez Are Weird These Days (due out next Tuesday), is like watching an episode of adult swim and playing a few video games. Perhaps that was the concept?
Theophilus London offered about the video:
"This video was built on the hype and importance of the internet. NYC legends and hotspots, twitter personalities, quotes and everything hyped good or bad weather. I was intrigued by this character my friend Ben Solomon had on his avatar and approached him via twitter and email to talk about a concept. He came over an we sketched out a few things and brainstormed. This is the modern day Waldo. Can u spot anyone? #isityou?"
I dig it, in all it's trippy glory. Enjoy. Chea!

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