Friday, July 08, 2011

Sauce Fonda "My Own Time"

At 3:31 am Friday morning, Sauce Fonda hit send on what can be best described as his Jerry Maguire moment. Or he was high. Or he was high watching Jerry Maguire. Allegedly, of course. Ha!

If you've been following the blog, you know Sauce Fonda. He's been featured several times and he's a talented producer and one half of theOTHERSIDE. He is also one of my favorite indie producers. And when we do what we love, we find ourselves in these self reflective moods. I know. That was the mood Sauce was in last night when he put together My Own Time.

As I read what Sauce called a rant, I totally understood where he was coming from and could relate. There is an oversaturation in Hip-Hop. There are a lot of thankless moments. There are many folks trying to get over. There are many copycats and not enough originals.

Making music should always be on your terms and Sauce outlined those terms. I look at it like he's refocusing and I dig that. And I dig the 11-beat-beat-tape with some old and a couple of new joints. "I'm Back Home" is one of my favorites on My Own Time and I thought it was fitting considering. Enjoy. Chea!
"The hip hop scene (I believe) has reached its capacity, the ones that actually put in tons of work to perfect their craft get pushed to the side. Pushed to the side for the “next sound”, the “sound” that isn’t what hip hop is. It just really disgusts me to see hardworking individuals make timeless music while others throw something together (here's looking at you Kreayshawn) and get paid millions. I'm not saying I'm one of those people who make timeless music, but my outlook on what I want with hip hop has drastically changed..."

"... I will work with folks, but it will be very limited, pretty much to my camp and a couple other people I have already worked with. I'm just going to make beats, package them up, and send them out for whomever to download. "
If you use any of these beats, be sure to hit Sauce at sauceisacoolkid [at] gmail [dot] com.

Download: My Own Time

Sauce Fonda - I'm Back Home by The Mad Bloggers

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