Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jinesis "I'll Be ... Beyond"

I write what I feel. That's why sometimes I take a few days to write about full projects because I want to sit back and really listen and enjoy the music. Folks often ask me to review their music. Sure, I can sit down and write from a technical standpoint about an album but I prefer to write from how I feel when I listen to the music. So often times I sit on a project for a few days as I incorporate it into my everyday life and really embrace the music.

A few days ago Jinesis released his latest, I'll Be ... Beyond. I had the project a few days before that. And I went through the same motions I often go through when I want to fully enjoy and listen to a project. I download it. I play it once. Then I play it again. Then I put it on either my iPhone or iPod and take it with me and play it again.

I can say that after a few plays, I truly feel I'll Be ... Beyond. The project is some solid production work from the NYC based producer. Just over 15 minutes long, you're left wanting another beat (or five). I found myself lost in tracks like "The Lee Story" and "My Darling Sings" and tempted to pick up the pen and write a rhyme to Shan and Lets Party. No, I don't rhyme but if I did I'd be on those beats. Ha!

What Jinesis does is continues to deliver with I'll Be ... Beyond. Hit play and enjoy a quality project. Chea!
The final installation of Jinesis's "I'll Be" series is a perfect instrumental swan song for the producers free projects.

Over the course of the last 3 years, hip-hop beatmaker and producer Jinesis has given away over 5 solid instrumental projects for free download. In that time and process he's worked with quite a few indie emcees and singers and managed to get his name across the blogosphere.

Devoting long hours in the studio, pouring time, money and effort into these individual labors of love to spread his message between kickdrum and snare, the following has been built. The dusty-fingered crate-digging, editing and chopping drums and loops, the scraping together for studio mixing and mastering sessions has all led to this moment. Humble beginnings aside, bigger goals are in sight. Looking to release his full length album this fall, Jinesis is releasing one last free project.

After the success of "Otisis" and "I'll Be" Gold Edition, Jinesis has decided to take it one step further.
Progress in succession. To Go BEYOND. In his own words, "I'll Be...Beyond".

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