Friday, July 22, 2011

L.A. "I'm Alive"

Yesterday, just after 8pm, L.A. released on the latest from her upcoming The L.A. Riots. I had the privilege of writing about "I'm Alive" in it's world premier over at the Booth. This track is filthy. And by filthy I mean extremely dope. Like I said over at the Booth, there’s a hunger in the Brooklyn newcomer’s voice and she lays it all on the line in "I’m Alive." But that hunger, confidence, passion and raw emotion is all over her latest project. I'm honored enough to be one of the folks in L.A.'s circle with whom she's shared music from the new project and "I'm Alive" and "Spitting Out Blood" (the last single) are just the tip of the iceberg. Out to prove so much after her debut project The Presentation, the Cali production duo Hippie Sabotage help L.A. tell her story by creating some heat bombs for her to flow over effortlessly. Look out for more soon but in the meantime, enjoy "I'm Alive". Chea!

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