Friday, July 22, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Lyric Jones prepares industry for a makeover

Man, I've been sitting on this artist spotlight for some time now. Blame it on the lack of time on my part and definitely not on the lack of talent on Lyric Jones' part. I first stumbled on her music when I asked folks to name some dope female emcees. Lyric's name came up a dozen times. So, I found myself checking out some of her music and was impressed with the emcee who now calls ATL home. I dig her style and sound. It's behind that generic Hip-Hop. Check out her latest video and get to know Lyric Jones after the jump.

Name: Lyric Jones
Location: Atlanta GA, by way of Boston, MA
twitter: @lyricjones

Discography: Jones 4 Lyric EP (2007), Jones St. (scheduled to drop September 23rd)

Your music described in one word: Refreshing

Musical Influences: Jill Scott, A Tribe Called Quest, Raydar Ellis, Eve, Queen Latifah, J. Dilla, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, SWV, J*Davey

What's On Your iPod: Everything. A lot of Jazz and Soul, Hip Hop, mainstream, indie, Reggae, Punk rock, Funk. Name a genre ... I have it on there. Currently, I'm bumping Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia/Ultra mixtape, Boog Brown's Brown Study album, Georgia Anne Muldrow's Olesi: Fragments of An Earth album, Slum Village's Fantastic Vol. 2.

If you were stranded on an island, which ONE record would you bring with you and why: D'angelo's Voodoo. Man sonically, that has got to be one of the BEST soul albums of all time. It would completely take my mind off of being stranded. That album triggers reflection, so soulful yet so Hip-Hop.

The track that best showcases who you are as an emcee: It's not out yet, but it's called "Appetizer Menu". It's the intro track to my album Jones St. set to drop in September.

Biggest Moment So Far For You With Your Music: Most of the world knows me as an emcee now, before that part of my artistry came out to the forefront, I was singing and playing drums more. I still do, but honestly, the biggest moment I had was with sticks in my hand instead of a mic. I was the drummer in the UGA Jazz Band in college. In 2008, the governor of Georgia invited us out to Beijing, China to be the entertainment for this huge trading initiative ceremony. Our gig was for probably 45 minutes, but we were out there in China all week! The entire trip was paid for, we stayed in the Ritz Carlton in Beijing and even got paid per diem on top of all that. That was my first time out the country, my first official paid gig and I wasn't even doing what "Lyric Jones" is really known for. It was amazing, a blessing and enlightening experience I will never forget.

Impact You Want to Have on Your Audience: I want my audience to see me and see an artist, a musician. We get too caught up in categories and genres and "boxes". I want people to see Lyric Jones and think beyond emcee, beyond Hip-Hop. The impact I want to have is simply another perspective.

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