Thursday, July 14, 2011

Audible Doctor "Stayin' Busy Remix" Feat. Silent Knight, KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC The Cynic, & Soul Khan

"Writing til I got the right of way, right away..."

When you hear a posse cut like this with such incredible production you want more people to hear it. You've got to share it. Lyrically this track seems unfair considering the emcees assembled for the "Stayin' Busy Remix" off of The Audible Doctor's upcoming You Should Buy Music Not Make It EP. At just over 3 minutes, there are so many damn quotables on this joint, you'll find yourself rewinding over and over again. I'm on my 8th listen (probably 9th by the end of writing this post). The cut serves as a bonus joint and will be available on the CD version of the project, as well as the free download card that comes along with a "You Should Buy Music Not Make It" tee. Right now you can rock to this joint, again and again. Enjoy. Chea!

  Audible Doctor "Stayin Busy Remix" ft Silent Knight, KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC The Cynic & Soul Khan by audibledoctor 

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