Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Check It ... Infinito 2017 and Dirt E. Dutch - "A Place Called Truth (Remix)" (Audio)

New Dutchman remixed single from Infinito 2017 and Dirt E. Dutch's album titled "Withoutpermission". A Place Called Truth is definitely a destination we need to get to if we haven't yet. Infinito 2017 is giving his insight on how to do that on this track.

"Withoutpermission" available now at UGHH ( and iTunes (

Released 26 July 2011
Lyrics: Infinito 2017
Beat: Dirt E. Dutch (Dutchman

The Album:
Withoutpermission is an organic, free-spirited call to action which encourages the listener to always remain aware of one’s self and surroundings. The message in Infinito 2017’s lyrics remains consistent from track to track, essentially reminding us all that greatness comes from within, and you cannot exude that greatness until you have first found yourself. There is plenty of fabrication being displayed in today’s hip hop music and imagery, but no one creating this music can hold a candle to the artist that speaks from the heart, and dares to formulate a song from his own designs. Dirt E. Dutch’s soulful production lays the rhythmic setting, while Infinito paints the soundscape, with an array of enlightened writtens, cadence shifts, and occasional freestyles. The title suggests that you create precisely what you want to create. You say what you feel, and you make it sound the way you want it to sound. Never let someone tell you that you cannot do something a particular way. Greatness is never achieved with permission. The true artists create, Withoutpermission.



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