Sunday, July 10, 2011

Check It ... Political Animals, Roc Doogie, PremRock, and Jesse Abraham at Acoustic Cafe (Photos)

Acoustic Cafe was hosts to yet another round of talented artists hosted by Sketch tha Cataclysm on July 9th. For a whopping $5, you got to hear music by New York's own PremRock and Jesse Abraham as well as CT's Roc Doogie and Political Animals with guests like D_Cyphernauts, Hawl Digg, and Dirt E. Dutch making an appearance in the night's event. While enjoying the dope music throughout the night, I was in TMB mode snapping pics and got a few videos before I unfortunately ran out of space. Haha. Check it them out.

Sketch tha Cataclysm played host for the night.

DJ Halo chatting it up at the bar.


That hat is on point, Jesse.

Dirt E. Dutch

Defynshn and Dirt E. Dutch


Roc Doogie looks on as Adam Bernard of enjoys the show.

Jesse Abraham.

Roc Doogie of Phenetiks

Hawl Digg and Dirt E. Dutch perform a quick track.

Sotorios of Political Animals

Jen of Political Animals

Trenton of Political Animals

Dirt E. Dutch and Othello of D_Cyphernauts

Roc Doogie following suit and taking a break.  That guy was really asleep.

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